ArviZ: Exploratory analysis of Bayesian modelsΒΆ

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ArviZ is a Python package for exploratory analysis of Bayesian models. Includes functions for posterior analysis, sample diagnostics, model checking, and comparison.

The goal is to provide backend-agnostic tools for diagnostics and visualizations of Bayesian inference in Python, by first converting inference data into xarray objects. See here for more on xarray and ArviZ.

ArviZ is under heavy development.

Installation with pip is recommended

pip install arviz

ArviZ will plot NumPy arrays, dictionaries of arrays, xarray datasets, and has built-in support for PyMC3, PyStan, Pyro, and emcee objects. Support for PyMC4, TensorFlow Probability, Edward2, and Edward are on the roadmap.

Contributions and issue reports are very welcome at the github repository.