Developer Guide


ArviZ now supports multiple backends. If adding another backend please ensure you meeting the following design patterns.

Code Separation

Each backend should be placed in a different module per the backend. See arviz.plots.backends for examples

The code in the root level of arviz.plots should not contain any opinion on backend. The idea is that the root level plotting function performs math and construct keywords, and the backends code in arviz.plots.backends perform the backend specific keyword argument defaulting and plot behavior

The convenience function get_plotting_function available in arviz.plots.get_plotting_function should be called to obtain the correct plotting function from the associated backend. If adding a new backend follow the pattern provided to programatically call the correct backend

Test Separation

Tests for each backend should be split into their own module See tests.test_plots_matplotlib for an example


Docstring style

See the corresponding section in the contributing guide